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At Underwater Depot, we believe Regular, Recurring Maintenance is the key to protecting your investment and insuring a high quality of life for your animals. 

Whether your system is large or small, elaborate or simple—proper maintenance will extend the life of your aquarium and improve the health and vitality of your fish. Our highly skilled service professionals will answer your questions, respond quickly to emergencies, and assist with special requests. We will work with you to create a Customized Service Plan that meets the needs of your system.

Underwater Depot can also assist you in Setting Up a New Aquarium in your Home or Business!

Our Service Plans consist of 1-4 Monthly Visits which include:

  • Performing Water Changes
  • Cleaning Corals & Decorations
  • Removing Algae
  • Servicing Filters & Pumps
  • Conducting Water Analysis
  • Observing Fish Health & Behavior
  • Adding Supplements & Medications
  • Checking and/or Repairing Equipment
  • Delivering High-Quality Livestock & Food

For more information or to receive a Customized Service Quote, provide your information below or contact Marc Grover at our Retail Showroom.

Conditions & Pricing

Underwater Depot Service & Maintenance Plans are customized to your specific aquarium system.  Clients are billed a flat rate per visit based on several factors including:

  • Aquarium Size & Level of Cleaning Necessary
  • Type of System (ie fresh or saltwater, fish only, reef, planted, filtration, etc.)
  • Distance from our Sherman Oaks Location
  • Location Specific Factors (Placement of tank, multiple stories, etc.)
  • Delivered Live Stock and Supplies are billed in addition to regular rate.

Underwater Depot will Price Match competitors' quotes for similar Service & Maintenance Plans. Let us show you how we can make the difference in the life of your aquarium.
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